Secure Storage Services

FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault – Unrivalled Secure Storage Services

The FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault is a world class highly secure storage services located in several cities in Europe & Asia.Built to international standards, FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault’s insurance is underwritten by world leading insurers – the details of which can be made available upon request. Offering high security storage and logistics services the facility is open to all Bullion Dealers, Bullion Banks, Superannuation Funds, Managed Funds, Mining Companies, Trusts and Businesses along with private vault storage for the general public.

Storage services range from Safe Deposit Boxes of various sizes, Bullion Locker Safes, Individual Upright Safes with either tumbler or digital locks, Large High Security Safes, custodial storage, fire resistant document storage, document compactus, and dedicated private floor space.

Since 1996 the facility has seen continuing security upgrades and logistics capability improvements that make it the benchmark in real high security storage. There are also exciting new facility expansion and services under development.

You will note we don’t include photos of the facility on our website and that our appointment and entry requirements are quite stringent. We know our clients ultimately have maximum security as their priority and we don’t allow anything to compromise that for the sake of ‘looking pretty’ or ease of access. We are also not a bank or a government entity. That is why we can confidently state we provide independent and unrivalled security.