Secure Vault Storage

Secure Vault Storage

Secure Vault Storage is a loosely thown around term and it’s why we stress we are an ultra secure facility. There are many apparent options available in the market but most are essentially self storage units with entry security measures or banks.
So what makes us different?

Firstly we are a purpose built vault. That essentially means we are one great big safe. Not a building with multiple doors, windows or easily penetrable walls. On top of this physical security we employ state of the art and multi layered electronic security systems. On top of that we employ professionally trained guards who are always in attendance during opening hours.  We limit concurrent attendances and you are always discreetly accompanied by a guard. Attendance is by appointment only and with ID forwarded in advance.

Secondly, your precious goods are then kept in your own dedicated safe unit inside the vault. It’s essentially your safe within a safe. For all private units you, and only you, can unlock your safe. Safe Deposit Boxes have the extra layer of needing our key as well but only you can unlock it. We have an extensive array of safe types suiting anything from documents and data, to art, to precious metals bullion.

Thirdly, only with our levels of security can you secure insurance underwritten by world leading insurers by meeting their strict standards and audits.

Finally, one must consider security as being beyond the physical protection from criminal theft. An unfortunate fact of the modern age is that in a bank you are only ever an unsecured creditor and Government’s around the world are legislating ‘bail in’ (ala Cyprus) approaches to bank failure. Arguably this is a remote outcome in Australia but many customers have this and this alone as their key reason for using our facility.

When one considers these points and that our prices are competitive with the alternatives (and the fraction of the value of your goods that cost represents) it becomes a logical, prudent and reassuring decision to store your precious goods at FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault.

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