Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are a Dual key, flexible range of sizes, 2 -20kg capacity with bond box convenience.

These are a convenient smaller size unit in various sizes in a form similar to normal Safe Deposit Boxes you might find in a bank. You can also order custom sized boxes for your convenience. These units include a removable ‘bond box’ to allow you to remove and handle the contents in privacy. As opposed to most banks, you are assured of higher security entry protocols and privacy when accessing and handling your contents. We provide secure private rooms for handling your contents free of cameras and audio microphones.

Each Safe Deposit Box comes with 2 unique keys held privately by the client. An added level of security for clients is the additional requirement of a FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault guard having to also insert his key to be able to open the box. This provides the double protection of the client holding the only key that can open the box and knowing whoever holds that key has been ID’d and accompanied by the FirstPrime Financial Corporation Vault (should that key have been stolen).

On demand by you, we will ship by our unique diplomatic courier your box(s) at a charge anywhere within United Kingdom and its territories, European Economic countries, United States and its territories, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The Safe Deposit Boxes come in the following sizes:

Size Max Weight Internal Dimensions
Extra Small 2kg 115mm W x 45mm H x 540mm D
Small 5kg 115mm W x 65mm H x 540mm D
Medium 10kg 115mm W x 115mm H x 540mm D
Large 15kg 250mm W x 115mm H x 540mm D
Extra Large 20kg 250mm W x 240mm H x 540mm D